This month in digital music libraries - November 2020


This month - more legal shenanigans, Winamp makes a comeback, Discogs turns 20 and more personal music hosting articles.

The youtube-dl saga

Over the past month we’ve added a new chapter in the large-companies-don’t-understand-the-Internet book… this time, as the RIAA attempt to force GitHub to take down a useful open source project.

Since then, GitHub decided to back the developers and re-instated the project. So, all’s well for now…

Winamp for Windows 10 on the way

The much loved music player has been updated for Windows 10, with better native support so stuff like CD playback/ripping, AAC and H.264 playback all work better.

Discogs turns 20

The much used site has built an enviable database of musical metadata. Used by both record collectors and music nerds alike, it now has 24m releases!

More personal music hosting developments

Last month I mentioned that personal music hosting seems to be gathering pace. Personal music hosting is the practice of self storing music libraries, including on the Internet to take advantage of what the cloud can offer.

This month there were more developments. Manuel Vonau wrote up a list of music lockers:

Meanwhile Jason Howell wrote up one approach to creating your own:

Another busy month!

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