This month in digital music libraries - October 2020


The past month has brought us yet more developments in the world of personal music hosting, Rolling Stone released its latest list of reckons and Sony Music and Warner Music collectively stroked their white Persian cats while spinning slowly on a large leather-bound chair…

Rolling Stone updates its 500 Best Albums list

You might not be into Best Albums lists but… I am. If nothing else it helps queue up a few “I always meant to buy that” used CDs in my crate digging checklist.

More developments in personal music hosting

Personal music hosting is my own name for the growing approach to music library ownership: owning and taking responsibility for your music, but utilising the benefits of the cloud and the Internet and other modern technology for backups, streaming and more.

John Darko produced a slick video of using Plex to stream remotely:

John then followed up with a few alternatives…

There are a few more alternatives to Plex listed here.

Meanwhile, a new project was born to stream music from online drives:

Finally, Degoo are offering a lifetime 1TB storage plan for your music library for a one-off payment of $50.

Interesting times!

TuneIn TurnOff

Huge corporations and user-hostile legal action; name a more iconic duo.

HDD reliability

Backblaze have updated their quarterly HDD reliability survey, in case you’re in the market for some new storage…

Here’s to November!

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