Release 20191220 - a new setup page

Prepare Our first release of 2020! This release contains a new Setup page for first-time users, enhanced ways of leaving feedback or getting help, improvements to cover art and NAS integrations and a bunch of other fixes.

A new setup page

We’ve overhauled the first page you see when you first run bliss, in the next stage of improving the first-run user experience.

Before, the first page was the standard rules settings page. We’ve now changed this so you get a dedicated setup page with two steps: first, select the music library, second, set your rules.

This allows us to present the filesystem straight away:

Setup - music library

The next page allows rules to be added in the previous way:

Setup - rules

(I think there might be some improvements to make there - let me know if you think of any).

The setup page is only shown for new users. Existing users who are merely interested can see it by manually tweaking the URL so that /setup is shown in their own bliss installation (as you can see in the screenshots above).

Another major tweak is the addition of live feedback. That’s the mail icon you can see at the bottom-right of the screenshots. I’ll be starting “office hours” where I’ll be available for live chat for anyone using bliss and setting up. The rest of the time it shows as a mail icon, and a mail can be easily sent rather than having to go to your email… etc etc.

Cover art improvements

A few improvements in this release around cover art:

  • When embedded artwork should be removed, but is present, and a separate image file is missing, use the embedded art.
  • The Provide URL button is disabled until a URL is entered.
  • When the data size rule is enabled show the data size on the album detail and change artwork pages.
  • Artwork from previously fixed albums shouldn’t show on the change cover art page.

NAS improvements

We implemented a few improvements specifically for NAS devices in this release:

  • Include package logs for Syno and QNAP in a debug archive.
  • On QNAP, don’t hang showing “Starting”.
  • Ignore @Recently-Snapshot folders on QNAP.

Other stuff

… and a bunch of other stuff too miscellaneous to be grouped.

  • Add icons next to each issue in the “Fix all” report.
  • Show the licence thank-you on the new Inbox.
  • When calculating size for the tag cache, include artwork.
  • When changing album name on album detail page make sure any subsequent updates to the album from compliance re-assessment (e.g. those from automated policies) are returned as the updates from the response.
  • On Windows, only memory map the indexes for MapDB. Allow memory mapping to be disabled altogether.
  • Only show distinct error messages when multiple errors are the same.
  • Don’t show a blank slate for the activity page.
  • Always log full exceptions to the browser.
  • “Fixed” shouldn’t show if the album is non-compliant.
  • Blank slate on the albums page should disappear when albums come in.
  • Fixed Windows batch file to discover its Java installation.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

Thanks to unsplash-logoToa Heftiba for the image above.
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