New release - 20110208 - maximum album art data size

This release adds a new rule to restrict the amount of storage space that artwork utilises. This is useful for two reasons. The first is simple: artwork consumes storage space, and storage space costs money, so restricting artwork size saves money. The second, and more important in my view, is that some music players have problems with album art that is larger than a specific size. Sonos is an example.

Maximum data size for album art

By using the Maximum size (KB) rule you can specify the maximum amount of storage space album art can occupy. If art is above this level, bliss will provide one or two manual and optional fixes in the user interface. If the image is a bitmap (BMP) file, bliss will offer to convert it to a JPEG. This normally saves a LOT of storage space. In addition, bliss will offer to shrink the art. It currently does this proportionally to difference in size from the maximum. For instance, if the art is double the size, it will shrink the art by half. If you don't like either of these options, you can pick new art from the change art screen as before.

Some other smaller improvements in this release include:

  • ID3 Genre numbers are now handled, and presented as text
  • Accuracy of Discogs lookups have been improved by roughly 10% (according to my tests) by eliminating promo releases, cassette covers etc.
  • An internal bug where bliss was failing to reset MIME types has been fixed.

Get the new release from the downloads page. Your existing fixes apply to this version too!

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