Release 20190301

Automate... ALL THE THINGS!

This release includes the first tranche of rules automated using the new automation framework we've built into bliss. The maximum image data size rule (which shrinks artwork consuming too many of those precious bytes) and the capitalisation rule both get the automation treatment in this release.

Importantly, there's also a bunch of stability fixes and some added power to the <tag field> file organisation token.

Extra automation

As requested, we've added automation to the case rules and the image data size rule.

These two were implemented using the new automation framework, so the settings page looks similar to all other rules that have automation:

Automation in the case and maximum image data size rules

More power to the <tag field> token

The <tag field> token now supports arbitrary field names. This means you can directly reference fields in music files. For example, if you create an arbitrary OWNER field in a bunch of FLACs you can organise your files using this (example) pattern:

<tag field:OWNER>/<album_artist>/<album_name>/[... and the rest of the pattern]

More fixes

Other fixes in this release:

  • The track number format rule should correctly assess already-padded track numbers which have a length less than or equal to the target length once the padding is removed.
  • When updating genres in ID3, force case when it differs from the standard ID3 mandated capitalisation.
  • Don't show the artwork resolution assessment part if not configured.
  • Support more date formats when parsing for an existing year.
  • Split automation setting for ID3v1/ID3v2 in the tag type rule.
  • Don't assess and then remediate any album more than ten times in one scan.
  • Don't re-apply the same remediation more than once to one album in one scan.
  • Avoid disappearing albums when changing the album name case.
  • Clean up handlers for buttons to avoid OOME.
  • Avoid duplicate queries to OMA when the min resolution rule is enabled.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

Thanks to unsplash-logoLuis Reyes for the image above.
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