Release 20171003

This week's release is a maintenance one, mainly aimed at honing the QNAP integration. In addition we've made sure bliss will always "trust" its metadata server.

The main QNAP work this week has been to perfect the scripts that run the app. We no longer store settings and working data inside the mounted disk volumes to avoid running out of space in the user folder (we found some older versions of the NAS had smaller home file systems). We've also made fewer assumptions about the software installed on the QNAP NAS and made sure data and settings are removed after uninstall.

Who can you trust?

You might have noticed this error message popping up on your Linked Releases panel: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

What this means is that bliss doesn't "trust" its metadata server. bliss uses a secure connection to encrypt traffic to and from the metadata server, and to do so it must trust the server is who it says it is. The server does this by presenting a certificate, cross signed by a third party or "certificate authority".

Older versions of Java, which bliss runs upon, don't trust the certificate authority that we use on the metadata server. This new version overrides this manually. The other workaround is to update Java, which I advise you do anyway!

More improvements

  • Always show fixes left on first run.
  • Fix layout of albums on artists page.
  • Fix how cover art alternatives page works; show updated art and success/failure.
  • Request compressed content from the metadata server.
  • Make the Linked Releases panel shorter.
  • Always show a spinner when recovering from an error in the Linked Releases panel.
  • Undo optimisations to Jetty for the debug app.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

In app update will only work for release 20170307 and later. That's because of a fix in 20170307 following the changes introduced in 20170209 which I wrote about in my call for beta testers. Users on older versions should download the latest and install manually, and from then on in-app update should work again.

Thanks to Clem Onojeghuo for the image above.
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