Moving processed albums to a common root folder

One possibility offered by custom file organisation patterns in bliss is that folders and files can also incorporate constants in the path. For example, all files processed by bliss could be moved into a static root folder.

Why would you want to do this? One reason might be so you can see all albums that have been processed by bliss. To set this up, here's an example pattern:

completed/<album artist>/<album name>/<tracknumber>-<track name>

While files are structured in the common artist/album/track structure, they are all stored in a common completed folder.

I've had a few emails suggesting a way of defining a workflow where albums get passed through different folders, from rip, to bliss'ing, to a final storage location in your "gold" music library. Some have called this "quarantine"; I posted an idea on the ideas forum to allow a separate music library be defined to be the next "stage" in the workflow after bliss processing.

If this were also coupled with a way of redirecting to different folders, maybe based on compliance, that would be really cool. I touched on this in an earlier post where I talked about selectors applied to music libraries to define the rules based on different variables, including location, tag value and potentially compliance status.

Now to clone myself...

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