Release 20160217

Our first release of 2016 is a mainly bug-fixing and stability release. We've also covered a couple of issues where bliss wasn't supported on all versions of VortexBox.

File organisation improvements

One cunning bug that it took a few days to track down concerns music files with non-ASCII characters in their filenames, where the files are stored remotely and bliss is installed on OS X (quite specific then!). For example, the filename:


The problem is the way those "ü" characters are stored in the filesystem. OS X stores them in a different way to most other operating systems and also, pertinently, a different way to the manner in which tags in a music file are stored. This means, when comparing the tags to the filename, the characters appear different (to a computer) and so assessment fails - leading to non-compliance.

To fix this we now normalize the two character strings before comparison.

The second bug was related to discnumbers greater than one digit long. We were truncating these before; this is now fixed.

Custom rules

Some more developments with custom rules. The tag list for custom rules, in the settings UI, is now nicely alphabetically ordered with common tags separated at the top.

We also fixed a bug where you couldn't have multiple custom rules associated with the same tag.

More improvements

  • Case rules now assess and update multiple tags in a file (e.g. if there're both ID3v1 AND ID3v2 tags)
  • If a genre is missing in an album and the genre consolidation rule is enabled, all genres in the list are suggested.
  • We've fixed support for VortexBox 2.2 .
  • An error in the logs that "Cannot load" has been fixed.
  • For embedded artwork, empty image bytestreams (either empty or consisting purely of 0x00) are now treated as missing art.
  • The Windows installer is now dual signed with both a SHA1 and SHA2 digest.
  • You can now configure the ports that bliss uses (3220 and 3221 by default)
  • We fixed a bug where rescan could be blocked if another rescan was already running.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

If you are using Windows and you don't know whether your version of Java is version 7 or later, in app update is not recommended when updating from version 20151013 or earlier, because bliss now requires Java 7 or later. The Windows installer now bundles Java 8, and so download of the full installer is recommended.

Thanks to Tjook for the image above.
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