Release 20121002

Drowning In Bricks

Release 20121002 is a new release consisting mainly of bug fixes, but also contains a re-structuring of some of bliss's internal cover art and metadata lookup code. This is as part of a longer term project to move the lookups online (within OneMusicAPI).

Once those lookups are online I'll be able to change the lookup logic without releasing a new version of bliss. That makes occasions where online database change their interfaces much easier to handle. Indeed, it appears Discogs has done this recently, impacting bliss's results from Discogs.

As well as the restructuring, there were some more bugs fixed:

  • The location of your music library is now autopopulated on OS X
  • The browse button has been fixed
  • Memory is used more efficiently when scanning files
  • There are further improvements to in-app update
  • bliss's internal web server no longer polls a directory for updates
  • When restarting with an already populated database, bliss uses memory more efficiently

How to install

New users should download the new release from the downloads page.

Update from within the bliss application is possible but currently, you will have to restart bliss after updating.

Your existing fixes will continue to work!

Thanks to Walter Benson for the image above.
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