New release - 20111125 - Disc number file organisation

The main new feature this week is a new disc number token in file organisation patterns plus the ability to add conditional statements to file organisation patterns.

<discnumber> and file organisation conditionals

First up, if you like, you can just use the <discnumber> tag in a basic way:

<album name>/<discnumber>/...

In most cases though you probably only want to use <discnumber> when there is a DISCNUMBER tag. So you can use a new feature for file organisation patterns, a conditional:

<album name>/<discnumber>?|<discnumber>/|... 

Which means: if <discnumber> is set, evaluate the subsequent pattern within the pipe ‘|’ characters. Meaning you get either All Things Music Pass/1/... or Thriller/...

You can put further tokens within the pipe characters if you like:

<album name>/<discnumber>?|Disc <discnumber>/|...

Would give All Things Music Pass/Disc 1/...

The conditional can be used with any token, not just <discnumber>. More generally, the conditional is evaluated such that when the preceeding token is set, the subsequent token is output. The tokens within the pipe characters are essentially grouped in one token.

Other stuff:

  • When using the track artist consolidation rule, if the track artist is inconsistent offer the album artist (e.g. 'Various') as an optional response
  • Fixed how some responses appeared in the Inbox
  • Fixed memory usage when rescanning
  • Fixed potential memory usage when losing connection to a music library (e.g. network connection lost)
  • Lowered memory use of the activity page UI
  • Fixed a couple of areas in the change art and album detail screen where you could get a 'no responder' error

Get the new release from the downloads page. Existing fixes apply, of course!

Thanks to _sarchi for the image above.
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