New release - 20110615 - 'activity stream'


This new build contains the first of many improvements to how bliss reports what work it has done. This helps, in part, to differentiate between fixed and already compliant albums. It also gives a view as to what bliss is working on, which can be useful for large collections which would require a lot of searching and scrolling to see what is being assessed/fixed.

The activity stream can be viewed by clicking in the status indicator area. It also shows automatically whenever rules are changed. To hide it, click the status indicator area again.

Activity stream

For now, only the latest ten album assessments are presented. In future releases I want to add information about the actual fixes that were applied and also provide a per-album activity stream, detailing all the work done to a particular album.

This release also contains a fix to track number formatting for MP3s. Previously, padding would be lost when applied to ID3 tags.

Get the new release from the downloads page. As ever, your existing fixes apply.

Thanks to audreyjm529 for the image above.
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