New release - 20110322 - genre re-categorisation and track number tag formats

This new release contains the work described in A blissful approach to automatic MP3 genre classification. You may now specify which genres, from a tree downloaded over the Web, are permitted in your music collection. Here's how the tree appears in the settings panel:

Pick the allowable genres

From here, you can check all the genres that you want to allow in your music library. When bliss assesses your music, if an album's genre is not in the allowable set, it looks for the current genre in the tree and then traces up the tree, parent by parent, until it finds a genre that you have ticked. If it finds such a genre, it suggests it, as so:

Change genre to a suggested alternative

There'll be some more improvements to this feature in coming weeks, such as more leniency with which bliss finds alternative genres and some UI improvements. Then, I'll make the genre tree editable and add in automatic fixing. Then, hopefully, we'll have fully automatic genre organization for your digital music library!

What else? Well, I implemented a feature to manage the amount of 'padding' in track number tags. Track number tags denote the position of a track in its album/release. If you have track numbers of, say, 1 to 11, some music players place 10 and 11 before 2. This is because these music players sort track numbers alphanumerically rather than numerically. Many music players don't need this though, so don't worry unless you see a problem.

Set the desired track number format

In the track number format rule you specify how many digits a track number should take up. For example, if you want to force all single digit track numbers (1, 2, 3) in your collection to two digits (01, 02, 03) choose 'two digits'.

Some other improvements include...

  • The online album art cache now caches from MusicBrainz
  • Improved the number of matches from Discogs (I must write a blog post about this sometime!)

Get the new release from the downloads page. Your existing fixes apply to this version too!

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