New release - 20110308 - browse to upload cover art

This release's main new feature is a way of uploading cover art from your local computer to bliss. This was a highly requested feature on the bliss feedback forum. It works much the same way as attaching a file to an email or uploading any old file on a Web site works. Here's the feature in action:

Browse for and upload album art

The change art screen now has a new tab: "Upload an image". From here, you can browse for cover art on your computer and then upload the file to bliss, which will use it as your cover art, embedding and saving as applicable.

I've also been doing some major work on the Discogs cover art lookup. In the past week or two, the Discogs API changed so that bliss was no longer finding art on Discogs. I fixed that, plus I have introduced a new online cache of cover art results that all users of bliss can benefit from. The cache simply stores the album name and any art that bliss has found for it. It is then shared amongst all users of bliss. This will improve the performance of bliss and also lower the number of calls we make on good, free services like Discogs. I'll extend the cache to also cover MusicBrainz in the next release, further improving the speed of bliss (one source of slowness is the restrictions MusicBrainz places on how often bliss can query it). Note that the cache is not used when you elect to manually change art, it's only used for the automated installs.

Maybe there'll be some interesting results from the cache that I can share... e.g. most common album owned by users of bliss!

Some other improvements include...

  • Data size is now shown in the album overview
  • Fixed the 'in progress' spinner not showing when a fix is clicked
  • Albums which are lacking information required for a file organisation (e.g. track number) are now marked uncompliant
  • Fixed bug where the shrink art option wasn't showing for embedded art that's too large whilst art was also missing from a separate file

Get the new release from the downloads page. Your existing fixes apply to this version too!

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