New year, more music library management. I'm fulltime!

Cheers going fulltime

I just posted to the elsten software blog that I am now working fulltime on bliss.

Obviously, I'm enormously pleased to be working on bliss fulltime. I love developing the product, love (slightly less!) the marketing, but most of all I enjoy talking to customers and users of bliss about their experiences and how they manage and organize their music library. Honestly, I get more excited reading people's personal correspondence than I do seeing notifications of sales! Perhaps I'm not such a businessman...

Although sales improved over the last year to allow me to go fulltime, I had been growing a little frustrated on the progress of bliss. Only spending one day per week on development (and some evenings) meant I didn't have much time to improve the product. After all, fixing bugs always takes priority over new features, at least for me. Hopefully over the next year I'll be able to clear out some of the must-do improvements and look toward some of the exciting new features I've always wanted to implement, like genre categorisation, text capitalisation control, multi disc and compilation management.

I've been working fulltime since the New Year and things have begun to pick up pace. I'm working on automatic file organisation, making the existing file organisation feature automatable. This has required a lot of background work into the bliss platform to ensure constant file updates and moving around of the albums doesn't corrupt the music database within bliss ('corrupt' is probably overly negative, what I really mean is 'ensure it doesn't look weird').

After that, I'll return to the list on the bliss feedback forum and begin to pick features from the top again. In parallel, I've been thinking about some UI improvements.

Here's to 2011, and more music library management!

Thanks to nImAdestiny for the image above.
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