A Christmas release - 20101218

Another release of small improvements and bug fixes, this Christmas Eve.

A customer found an issue with the x64 (64-bit) version of bliss in Linux. This was related to the file system update notification capabilities of bliss (bliss listens to updates to your music files so it knows when to re-assess them). When bliss started, or when you changed settings, you would get a Could not initialize class net.contentobjects.jnotify.JNotify error. I've fixed this so the file system notifications are now correctly listened for.

Also in the area of file system notifications, on Linux I changed the type of file events bliss listens for so it gets told about fewer events, but enough to be functional. This helps performance.

I also fixed a few memory/performance issues reported by customers. Aspects of the user interface have been sped up, which became more noticeable the more times you changed cover art manually and the further through the list of albums you are.

Finally some more improvements and changes relating to file path fixing:

  • When no tracknumber exists for a track, but it's required in the file path pattern, use 'no_track_number' instead of a blank string
  • When moving a file to a destination where the file already exists, use a number to separate the two and allow this when assessing compliance later (rather than just failing, as before)
  • Totally literal path segments now work, e.g. /music/[...] stores everything in a /music root folder

Get the new release from the downloads page and have a very Happy Christmas!

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