What does compliant or uncompliant mean in bliss?

Compliance refers to the compliance of your music library against your rules.

Rule enforcement sign bliss assesses your library against all the rules you have enabled. Each rule can assess your music in multiple ways. For instance, if you have a maximum art size configured in the cover art rule, bliss will assess your art for both the existence of cover art (as is always the case with the cover art rule) and its size. If any of these assessments show that your rule has been broken, it is known as uncompliant and the album itself is marked uncompliant.

This way, you can see at a glance which albums need fixing in your collection, and where possible bliss can enforce these rules automatically. Managing your music collection at this level is easier than traditional tagging because it is bliss that is doing the enforcement and storing your rules for continual enforcement in the future.

Some might say it's perfect for a music lover with OCD.

Thanks to break.things for the image above.
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