New release - 20100815

This week's build is a biggie - it includes two week's work! Normally, I submit one build per week to beta testers and then release it the next week. However, last week's build had a couple of significant bugs that I didn't want to release. I've been working on fixing them this week, and so this latest release is a combination of the previous build plus the new bug fixes.

So what's changed? First, there're a number of improvements to initial scan speed. I reckon I've managed an increase in speed of about 40-50%. Another big change in this area is that bliss no longer 'pre fetches' alternative art. Instead, it only looks for art when either no art is found or when you explicitly click to change art. At that point it looks up the alternatives and displays them. This gives another improvement in speed and also lowers your Internet bandwidth bill.

I fixed an issue with file organisation assessment when your MP3s have ID3v1 tags. In the earliest version of ID3v1, the TRACKNUMBER tag was not supported, and so bliss would fail to correctly work out a target file path for any such MP3s if TRACKNUMBER was part of your filename pattern. This is now fixed.

A customer also found an issue where album names contain hashes. The album detail screen wouldn't display for such albums! So I fixed that.

I've done a bit of cleaning up around the UI too. Sometimes, when you performed some change such as changing art or fixing file paths, it would take a while for the UI to update and it wouldn't always been clear what bliss was doing. So I tried to improve this.

Get the new release from the downloads page.

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