New release - 20100710 - album detail, view file organisation detail

This week's new build adds a couple of pages to bliss to make it easier to see all the information it is generating.

The first page is a new album detail page.

New album detail page

This appears when you click on the album title on the overview page. The album detail page includes information about the album (just title and artist for now, but I hope to add more) and an overview of what the rules you have enabled have found out. There are links for each rule to go to a separate rule page.

The cover art rule's page is the same as the old change art page, although it recaps the aspects of your cover art that bliss checked against the rule (e.g. whether it was embedded, the size etc).

There's now also a new file organisation page.

New file organisation page

This is where the results of all the checks the file organisation rule made are shown. I'd like to improve this presentation further, but at least now it is possible to read all the information.

Bugs fixed

I fixed the bug that stopped the in-progress icon appearing next to 'Fixed n of m albums'.

For the file organisation rule, I fixed a bug that prevented the rule working in Windows. There was also a problem that occurred when disabling the file organisation rule ("Key not found: UNCOMPLIANT:<album name...>"); this has been fixed.

Finally, I changed the page navigation album count to start at 1. (It's funny how it being zero based before looked normal to me, must be my programmer training).

Get the new release from the downloads page.

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