New release: build 20100109

It's been a little longer between releases than I'd like. We endeavour to produce weekly releases with new features and any bug fixes. Over Christmas we started work on some more complex re-writes of the underpinnings of bliss, which took longer than anticipated, but now the changes are complete, tested, and ready for download!

We've made a number of improvements to the UI. First, the albums are now all sorted alphabetically and paginated, so you can filter down the list of albums and pending questions to a more manageable size if you prefer.

Pagination in action

A status indicator now lets you know when bliss is working and how much it has left to do.

The screens in bliss also now reload automatically as bliss works, so no more refreshing the page is required! When artwork has been downloaded for an album, it will appear automatically.

We also added in the ability to ignore pending questions where there is no suitable cover art.

As ever, installing this version will not invalidate your current license, so feel free to try it and let us know what you think!
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