First release

Over the past month or so our beta testers have been probing and prodding bliss to find any problems and provide feedback for new features.

I'm pleased to say I've just uploaded the first release of bliss open to the general public.

The release is available at our download page.

This version can:
  • Embed album art in all your digital music
  • Save a file, named as you prefer, in an album's directory
  • Constrain the album art downloaded to certain size ranges
  • Allows you to ask bliss to lookup new art for any existing incorrect art you have
So why use bliss?
  • It's fully automatic. That means its faster than manual approaches to installing album art
  • You work at a 'rule' level - you specify how you want album art installed
  • You can install it anywhere on your home network. Some users are already installing it on their home server, where their music is located
I decided that bliss would be licensed 'per fix'. This means you pay for batches of fixes to your music collection. I chose this because it enabled us to start with a low price, shows an obvious relationship between what you pay and the value you get, and also, going forward, you would only be charged for the work bliss does to your music. For those who want more freedom, there's also an unlimited fix option.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be adding more features to bliss. In addition, we will be implementing features suggested in our UserVoice forum, so if you have an opinion, get posting/voting! I am aiming for a new release each and every month.
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