A new look

How do you like the new website look?

I've been working away on a new look for the blisshq.com website for a few weeks. I wanted a more professional, modern look, while retaining the same-ish "brand" bliss has built of clean lines, whitespace and general calm. Now I think it's time to launch, so how do you like it?

DSF album art

DSD, and the derivative forms of DSF and DFF, are gaining popularity in audiophile circles. While they benefit from higher sampling rates than audio ripped from or for CDs, they face the same library management challenges when stored as computer files - issues around metadata management, cover art completion and more.

We added support for DSF to bliss in April and this brought with it support not only for the usual metadata consistency rules, but also album art finding, fixing, resizing and all the usual good stuff!

VortexBox 2.2 updates to stop from the next update

After discussing with VortexBox, we've decided to stop bliss updates into the VortexBox 2.2 repository from the next release of bliss. So the next release of bliss will be the last one that goes into the main VortexBox 2.2 repository.

More modern versions of VortexBox (2.3 and 2.4) will be unaffected.

Why bother with file structure at all?

Back to the mailbag! A recent query hit my inbox, part of which contained:

Why bother about file structure at all? I am thinking about putting all music in a single folder on my NAS, and the music player then displays the tracks according to the view I am interested. Which problems may I run into? Playlists?

Moving processed albums to a common root folder

One possibility offered by custom file organisation patterns in bliss is that folders and files can also incorporate constants in the path. For example, all files processed by bliss could be moved into a static root folder.

Why would you want to do this? One reason might be so you can see all albums that have been processed by bliss. To set this up, here's an example pattern: