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Dan Gravell

I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

Release 20151110 - AIFF and WAV tagging and cover art

This new release includes support for WAV and AIFF tagging, along with WAV and AIFF cover art! We've also added an easier way of adding custom rules into bliss, and fixed a few small bugs.


Cleaning up 'folder' and 'cover' JPG files.

There are two approaches to storing album artwork in a music collection. You can either embed artwork inside the music files themselves (my personal favourite approach) or you can store separate image files with a well known name in the same place as the constituent tracks of the album.


Three ways to invest in your music collection

When you begin building a computer music collection, it's only natural that most thought turns to how you will acquire all the music that you want to own. However, it's worth investing time in making sure your library can continue to grow while still remaining flexible to cope with changes in the music players you use and how you want to structure your library.


Beyond your music player: five essential tools for your computer audio library

Most people's first foray into computer audio is, unsurprisingly, playing music on their computer. Computer music players are capable of playing music files and CDs, but they are only type of computer audio tool. In this blog post I've gathered together examples of five other types of music tool which can help you clean up, fix and beautify your computer music collection!


Release 20151013

This release of bliss consists of mainly stability improvements and bug fixes, although we did find the time to include a new feature: disc numbers in the Untagged page!