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Dan Gravell

I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

Release 20140813

This new build contains a lot of fine tuning: performance improvements, bug fixes, and adoption of the new 500 fix licence.


Licence changes: 1000 fixes to change to 500 fixes.

I'm going to make the first change to bliss licensing since we launched.

From the next release, which I expect to make available on 19th August, the 1000 fix licence will change to 500 fixes. The cost of the licence, £10, will stay the same.


Replacing underscores with spaces in music file paths

bliss's default file organisation patterns replace whitespace with underscores. The reason for this is simple: it's how I like it. replacing spaces with underscores helps with scripting and command line control of your music files, and as I am a Linux user and command line enthusiast this works for me.

However, not everyone is this... weird... and to many the aesthetic appearance of their filenames matter more. I can't claim that using underscores is any more beautiful than spaces; I recognise the opposite is the case and to many underscores may appear downright ugly.


The 3 Cs: Completeness

Time for the third of our series of three posts on the subject of the 3 Cs. This week we concentrate on metadata completeness; what completeness is, where and why you want it, how you should audit your music to ensure metadata completeness, and a walkthrough of using bliss to complete, as an example, year information.


The 3 Cs: Correctness

Onto the second topic in our blog series on the 3 Cs: correctness.