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Dan Gravell

I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

VortexBox 2.3 released

A quick note to announce that VortexBox 2.3 has been released!

VortexBox is a free music server and player, ideal for computer music collectors. It's actually a complete music operating system suited for installing on a computer, replacing or used in preference to your existing operating system. If you don't fancy going through the process of installing it, or you simply have no spare hardware to install it on, you can purchase ready-installed versions.


From the mailbag: professional CD ripping

Here's another email I recently received on the subject of professional CD ripping; specifically how are the products of the CD ripping, the digital music files, returned to the client, and whether such a ripping company can cope with large collections. I thought it was worth repeating my answer to the world...


Release 20140318 - faster cover art alternatives, browse button improvements

This release speeds up cover art alternatives (the change art and cover art alternatives pages) which has slowed since the work to fix Discogs artwork download.


Which day of the week is bliss used most?

In a pique of curiosity, I recently wondered "which day of the week is bliss most used?"

Anecdotally, it felt like the weekend was the busiest time for bliss. Those are certainly the most common days for purchases. But I'd never actually measured it before.


Work in progress: correcting tag capitalisation with regular expressions

I just committed a new change to the bliss codebase:

noncompliant because "album name should start with an upper case character" 
when"^[a-z]"/ {
	fixedby Set name to"^([a-z])"/"\U$1\E"/

To some that might look like gibberish. To others who have used regular expressions some of it might make some sense. To me, however, there are three reasons why this is exciting... and why it promises interesting new avenues for bliss.