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Dan Gravell

I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

Why you shouldn't change music file names

I suppose it seems odd that the maker of a piece of software that changes music file names suggests: don't change music file names!

But, a wise businessman once told me: fall in love with the problem, not your solution. So in that spirit, I think it's worth outlining why you should consider hard when wanting to change the folder and filenames that make up your music library.


Yosemite issues

Just a heads up for Mac OS X users: turns out there's one big incompatibility between bliss and OS X Yosemite.


Release 20141027

This week: a new release with support for Java 8, background work for filtering by compliance type, some UI fixes and fixing the different artist rules so they can work together!


File paths and case sensitivity

I was just saying the other day: the capitalisation of tags should really be ignored by music players, but often isn't. In theory you should be able to make mistakes in case sensitivity in your tags, and you shouldn't be affected by your mistakes.

In these cases where music players are case sensitive, bliss can help you out.

But there is a place where you should really consider capitalisation and understand the effects. That place is in folder and file names of music files.


Music players and tag case sensitivity

Rant mode on.

There's a time and a place for case sensitivity. Music players aren't it.