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I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

WAV tagging

When it comes to music file formats, WAV is the venerable grandfather to the new kids on the block. It's been around for twenty-five years and it remains popular, despite shortcomings when it comes to music library management. Now, though, WAV is shaking off its rather onerous (in terms of management) reputation. What's behind the change?


BMW iDrive album art

My previous post about getting album art to display on Audi's MMI in-car entertainment system has been really quite successful. Since posting, and as of today, almost 3,000 people have visited that blog post. So I figured: if I can help that many Audi drivers, maybe users of other in-car entertainment systems could also be helped with the same problems?


AURALiC Aries album art

Album art is essential to the computer audio experience. It makes our music easier to find, it looks nicer on high resolution screens when we play our favourite music and it makes our library feel more complete.

If you use an AURALiC Aries system, which displays artwork prominently in all its high resolution glory, you'll therefore want to make sure artwork for all of your albums is both present in your library, and is of a high enough quality to do it justice. This is where bliss comes in - it can find, download and install missing artwork, and find larger resolution versions of your existing artwork.


Changing the .bliss folder location

Another email in the inbox, this time from David Sweeney in the US:

David Sweeney
I'm a new bliss user and enjoying the product. Is there a way to direct where the .bliss folder is located? I would like to get it off my C drive and onto another hard drive in the computer.


WAV album art

Back in November we launched WAV tagging in bliss and then I posted a blog about tagging old untagged WAVs. But tagging WAVs with textual tags isn't the only benefit of the new feature; you can also add album art to WAVs too.