Release 20160825

Thanks to an email report I've found a significant bug affecting users of the Maximum Data Size rule. This new release fixes that, and just that!

Volkswagen album art using CMS

This week I'm looking at another in-vehicle entertainment system; Volkswagen's CMS (Composition Media System). Like other systems, CMS is able to play music from a connected device. And also, like other systems, CMS sports a large 6.5″ display which can be used to show the album artwork that relates to the albums in your music library.

Release 20160818

In last week's mega-release, including a completely new UI for bliss, there was always likely to be a few niggly problems introduced.

So here's a small release with a few items to iron out some imperfections in the last release.

Release 20160802 - UI refresh

Album overview filter

It's been a long time in the making, but here, finally, is the new UI refresh for bliss!

I've been working hard for at least a month porting all of the pages of the bliss app to a new design (not the website, which was upgraded earlier in the year).

MyLink album art

General Motors MyLink is the in-vehicle control and information system featured across the broad GM range; from Chevrolet to Holden to Buicks and Opels. MyLink allows a range of features common in other in-car vehicle entertainment and telematics systems; GPS, voice controlled functions, integration with phones and, of course, music playing.