Ford SYNC album art

SYNC is the Ford Motor Company's in-vehicle entertainment system which allows all manner of in car functions; playing music, hands free telephone calls and so on. It's been around for almost a decade and has gone through three main revisions; we now have SYNC 3 which is being deployed in a large proportion of Ford cars (over half of the US fleet) from the end of 2016 onwards.

DSF tagging

DSF is an audio container format, designed primarily for holding DSD audio. DSD has been gaining in popularity amongst audiophiles because of its promise of high audio quality from its higher sample rate.

We added support for DSF into bliss in version 20160406. This has meant the full range of features in bliss are now available to DSF users; album cover art, textual metadata tagging, even tagging old untagged DSF files that have been converted from DFF.

Release 20160606

Eeep! Thanks to our users, we've found an important bug in the previous version of bliss which affects writing FLAC files, and means they will appear corrupt to some software.

The bug is that, when writing metadata or cover art into the file which is too large for the existing padding in the file to cope, the audio segment is written three bytes too large. This is unlikely to cause problems in music players, or other organisation software, but where software is very strict as to the layout of the file it can cause problems.

Release 20160525

Here's a new release with a few bug fixes and small improvements. We've fixed a permissions problem when organizing music over a network, added padding to <discnumber> folder and file names, and we can now fingerprint DSF files too!

A new look

How do you like the new website look?

I've been working away on a new look for the website for a few weeks. I wanted a more professional, modern look, while retaining the same-ish "brand" bliss has built of clean lines, whitespace and general calm. Now I think it's time to launch, so how do you like it?