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Dan Gravell

I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

Solving music file and tag inconsistencies

Even in these days of streaming, plenty of music lovers still store their collection, or parts of their collection, locally as computer audio files. Importantly, metadata stored inside the resulting audio files identifies the music, but inconsistencies can arise between internal metadata and the names of the audio files. How can you fix this and keep it fixed?


Off to Munich High End

I'm packing my bags and leaving my office for a few days! I'm off to Munich High End to see and hear the latest in audiophile developments.


Dot underscore music files

Sometimes it's not just our music files and music players we are battling hard to keep on top of; sometimes our operating systems introduce new ways to make our music libraries untidy.


Release 20150423

This new version includes a number of assorted improvements.

First up, I've rewritten some of the underlying parts of bliss to use a new database engine. This is due to a few reports I've received of database corruption seemingly occurring after long periods of using bliss. After a couple of weeks testing by those affected, we seem to have fixed these problems, so that's good news.


bliss and FreeBSD

This week, news of a new project to install and run bliss on FreeBSD (and FreeNAS).