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Dan Gravell

I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

Release 20150825

Back to short release cycles now, I hope! This new release contains a new 'trimming' rule and a number of other useful improvements.


Finding and fixing Simple Audio album covers

SimpleAudio Roomplayer+

Simple Audio make a couple of music streamers targetted at the audiophile with a design aesthetic. The Roomplayer+ and Roomplayer+ (with Amp) both offer high resolution audio playback, a sleek design, multi user setups and multi room playback.

Pertinent to music library management, they also offer multi library access. It can suck in music files from iTunes, your NAS, your laptop or even mobile devices in the home. If your music files are being sourced from various locations on your own network, this means it is down to you to provide artwork for those albums. And not only provide any-old artwork, but make sure the artwork is displayable by Simple Audio.


Release 20150811

After a bit of a break, here's a new release with some important bug fixes and also some significant speed improvements!


An update for the Synology package

Great news: the bliss add-in for Synology has been updated!

Since its first launch, three years ago, bliss's add-in for Synology has been the most successful of our NAS integrations.


Windows 10

Windows 10 logo

Sarcasm mode: engage! It's the time of the year every software developer loves... new operating system time! Only joking of course: operating system updates are an inevitability in the fast moving world of software, so it's a case of keeping on top of the latest changes. And I'm pleased to say that bliss is working well in Windows 10!