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Dan Gravell

I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.

Bluesound cover art

Bluesound are a hifi company making elegant and slick-looking audio systems. Their product range comprises streaming endpoints (Node and Powernode), speakers (Pulse and Duo) and a ripping/streaming server (Vault). In addition, some slick control apps are available for free from iTunes' and Google Play's app stores.


Two new FAQ entries

A short mention for two new FAQ entries I have added to the support pages. These are common questions we receive to the support inbox, so I thought it might save some people some time to mention them here!


Cambridge Audio 851N and CXN album art - finding and fixing

Cambridge Audio 851N

Given album art is an important part of the digital music experience, it's important to ensure album art is present and correct, regardless of whether we are using software or hardware based music players. This week we look at the Cambridge Audio 851N and CXN network players' album art requirements (spoiler: there aren't many!) and how to configure bliss to ensure those storage requirements are met.


Release 20150522 - "fix all visible"

Fix all visible button

Here's a new release of bliss, with a new way of executing multiple fixes at once, and some more useful bug fixes.


Solving music file and tag inconsistencies

Even in these days of streaming, plenty of music lovers still store their collection, or parts of their collection, locally as computer audio files. Importantly, metadata stored inside the resulting audio files identifies the music, but inconsistencies can arise between internal metadata and the names of the audio files. How can you fix this and keep it fixed?