Release 20210727

Ignore This is a small release, building on the last which introduced both “ignore compliance” and the Synology package repository. It fixes just one small but quite impactful bug.

Release 20210719 - ignore compliance, and a Synology repository

Ignore This release adds our top voted feature: the ability to ignore aspects of the compliance for individual albums.

Also, with the release of DSM 7 for Synology NAS devices, we’ve created a Synology package repository to make it easier to install and keep up to date with fresh bliss releases.

Plus there are a bunch of other improvements, including some performance ones!

No-download, no-install, dead-simple Windows 10 DLNA server

DLNA logo Occasionally we have a need for a way to share music around our home. Maybe you want to test a new device, like a smart TV or networked speakers. What you need is a dead simple way of sharing music around your home so you can put your new device through its paces. It just so happens there’s a free, no-install, no-download solution baked into Windows 10 itself.

This month in digital music libraries - June 2021


In June’s update, rumours of a new iPod, detecting true audio quality and another incidence of metadata loss when using a cloud music locker.

It’s all “go”!

Release 20210608

Draw This is a small release with another bit of work taking us toward “ignore compliance”. There’s also some improvement to file notification listening and the way rules are executed.

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