Release 20191129 - Catalina support


This is a large bug fix release including full Catalina support. We’ve also added a new notification box to allow you to see, at a glance, the quantity of non-compliant albums and get easy links to fix those albums.

In the meantime we’ve been working on the New Inbox further - and we’ve included a screenshot of what we’ve done so far!

Plus, there’s a bunch of bug fixes. This drop is a big ‘un!

Ten years old!

2019 was a landmark year for the bliss project; it turned ten years old!

Development started in March 2009 and lasted eight months; the first sale came a couple of weeks later. Since then, we’ve gradually added features, improved UI and supported more and more devices.

Even though I’m constantly on the look out for new projects in home media management, bliss is still my “baby” and there are so many things I want to do!

A self-hosting, music-hoarding, album-guy - I'm an online tribe intersection

Group talking

We’re all individuals. But sometimes being pigeon-holed can be to our advantage.

I’ve slowly realised how my interest in music; its listening, its storage and its curation, can be fragmented by online “tribes”.

Tribes are common across the major social media platforms. Groups or Pages on Facebook, Subreddits on Reddit, subject based hashtagging on Twitter, Instagram and the like.

Being of a technical bent, and inherently distrusting of Facebook, I’ve tended to rely on Reddit as one repository where I return for discussions amongst “my tribes”.

bliss and Catalina


This month has seen the release of the latest version of macOS - Catalina. This is the first version featuring the new replacement for iTunes, Apple Music.

The release also includes a number of privacy improvements, such is Apple's current focus on security. This includes app notarization, whereby Apple verify an app downloaded and run on macOS has been verified as being safe. Unfortunately, old versions of bliss (including the next version, currently in beta) have not been notarized, so getting them to run requires a workaround.

Release 20190913


Another maintenance release; I've been tied up working on a lot of home improvements and so progress on the "New Inbox" project I've started has been slow. I have managed to fix a bunch of stuff though!

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