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Library Before Spotify and the streaming services appeared, there was much moral panic about the impact of P2P file sharing on the Internet and the impact on artists.

At about the same time, plucky data hoarders formed the Internet Archive and began storing and preserving music which could be shared with the world, given the necessary permissions from the copyright holders.

While the concerns about free music sharing on the P2P networks were legitimate, it doesn’t mean no music can be legitimately obtained for free. The Internet Archive now makes an interesting place to browse and download choice pieces of audio. It even includes live shows from several mainstream artists. You just might lose a few hours looking for them!

Release 20210408

Checklist Another small release, this time with improvements to file update notifications and various elements of the main home page (also called the Inbox).

How to embed album art in iTunes

Interoperability. That’s what it’s all about when you have a home music network. Sooner or later you’ll add a device - a new hi-fi, phone, car stereo, whatever… you’ll copy a music library over from iTunes, and… your beautiful artwork is missing.

This is important! Your artwork is useful for finding the music you want to play and it’s great to have it there while you’re listening. After all, the album artwork is a part of the overall artistic work that makes up an album.

So… why is the artwork missing? If you can see it in iTunes, it’s there, right? Why can’t you see it when you use another piece of software or hardware?

Release 20210316

Staircase A bunch more improvements in this release! We’ve changed the behaviour of Apply rules to also include a new filesystem scan. In addition, there are a few UI improvements, fixes to rule behaviour and another improvement to the new Windows desktop app.

How to install bliss in unRAID to manage your music library

unRAID makes an ideal storage location for your music library. Using unRAID you can store your library, back it up and install different music apps to stream music around your home.

But if you have a large music library, it also needs managing and organizing! And that’s where bliss comes in. Ahead of a planned official unRAID application, I’ve put together some notes on how to install bliss in unRAID.

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