This month in digital music libraries - January 2024


This month - moving off streaming services and considering music as cultural consumption!

Just a note about our last post about a release pause. We’ve now integrated a new code signing certificate, so we should be good to restart releases next week. A new build is already in testing!

Cutting the cord

A few posts about moving away from streaming services. First, u/MortimerMcMire315 shared his workflow in the r/DataHoarder subreddit:

Some good tips and recommendations there.

And once you’ve organised all that music here’s a new, beautiful music player to play it via (assuming you’ve gone the music server route):

Music, media, culture

A really well written history of how music has affected a family, and a reminder that our relationships with culture and art are shaped by way we experience that art.

Meanwhile, how do you record and remember what art you’ve enjoyed?

And stepping back and considering just music, how are music sales going?

Free music!

A couple of links I found this week of free music, should you want something novel to divert you…

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