This month in digital music libraries - December 2023


This month we review a couple of acquisitions, thoughts on streaming and library browsing and ways to prepare for the upcoming Google Podcast shutdown.

Acquisitions in the self hosted and self managed library markets

Roon blazed a trail for audiophile music collectors for several years, and now Samsung’s Harman brand has snapped them up. I wrote a post about importing libraries to Roon a while ago, it’ll be interesting to see how Roon’s identification and metadata discovery develops.

Meanwhile, more developments in the Bandcamp acquisition:

Streaming and library browsing

Music discovery has changed markedly since the advent of streaming. To be able to call up (almost) any new music with such little effort means our choices are far wider. But is this a good thing? Are we built to deal with this onslaught? Here are some tips for discovery on streaming services…

(And if you’re on a New Year musical discovery mission, by the way, check out:)

Meanwhile, what about the long term? Can streaming services be trusted to retain the music you love? Or at least: want to keep access to?

And let’s hope we don’t see more price rises:

Google Podcast shutdown

Worth repeating if you are a user - make sure your podcasts are backed up!

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