This month in digital music libraries - August 2023

Newspaper This month: Disney pulls physical DVD sales (in Oz), a look back on the current status of classical music streaming services, new software for scrobbling and media serving and the Internet Archive v Big Labels.

Disney stops physical DVD sales in Australia

This is worrying; not so much about the format (we’re more interested in CDs here!) but more the precedent. Could CDs be next?

Apple Music Classical - the long view

After the much trumpeted and reported release of Apple’s classical music streaming service, here’s a considered look back on its impact and how it compares to other niche classical streaming services.

Shiny new toys

This scrobbler (a piece of software that records what you’ve been listening to and sends the data to the service of your choice, for your own playback stats) is handy for its flexibility; it sits on your phone and works with whatever music player you are using.

Meanwhile, Midarr is an alternative to Plex (kinda):

Data freedom; music labels attack the Internet Archive

In the middle of August, a bunch of large music labels including Sony and Universal began a new lawsuit against the Internet Archive alledging copyright theft for a project to digitise vinyl recordings from before 1972.

The Internet Archive answered back:

More next month!

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