This month in digital music libraries - May 2023

Newspaper This month: the disconcerting nature of AI generated music, hacking a music server onto an old phone, the BBC move to stop their Shoutcast MP3 streams and how streaming companies are removing access to content.

AI gets weird

You can listen to the generated music here, on YouTube. As a child of the nineties, it’s kinda weird to listen to a very recognisable voice knowing it has been generated by AI.

Was the joke worth it?

This must be the longest pause before a punchline in history. But a great “because it’s there” type of project!

Running a music server on a… phone

It used to be “Will it run Doom“…

BBC radio streams are stopping the legacy Shoutcast feeds

They are moving to HLS and DASH only; better check those old devices!

Streaming - losing access to your favourite content

As the low-hanging fruit disappears, “Big Streaming” seems to be looking around for ways to either reduce costs or increase revenue.

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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