This month in digital music libraries - March 2023

Newspaper This month: streaming services; new ones, delayed ones and ones that are pulling tracks! And, if missing tracks from the middle of albums really annoys you, new self hosted music servers so you can create your own streaming service.

Apple launches its classical service

In the world of streaming, the big news this month was the launch of Apple Music Classical.

The service takes a heavily opinionated approach to classical music; eschewing the traditional crow-barring of classical metadata into pop paradigms.

Streaming services suffer with pulled tracks

Seems that this is happening a lot; streaming services pulling tracks, sometimes from the middle of albums or playlists. It completely destroys the concept of collection and curation.

Elsewhere in the land of Spotify…

Is Spotify HiFi ready or not? It seems that Spotify could’ve launched this for a while… but now it’s just delayed for marketing reasons.

In the meantime, Spotify are continuing to attract quite a bit of push-back about their app redesign…

Self hosted music servers

A couple of music server projects to highlight this month. First, Forte:

Next, Musium:

Western Digital MyCloud “Discovery” app support to be withdrawn

Just a heads-up, because a lot of bliss users also use WD MyCloud devices to store their music collection. The support for their useful “Discovery” app which helps you find your MyCloud device on your network is to be withdrawn. Is this the start of the slow death of this product line?

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