This month in digital music libraries - November 2022


A month to go before Christmas! But that doesn’t mean everyone’s downing tools in digital music land… This month, coverage on two major new product releases for self-hosting music lovers, and developments (mostly pricing) in the streaming world…

Music streaming price rises

Over the past month a number of music streaming services have increased their prices, or changed their service.

Meanwhile, Amazon changed the way music works for “just Prime” members. Their catalogue has been vastly expanded, but it only works in shuffle mode. Seems like they’re betting that most listeners are ok with allowing algorithms to choose their playlist.

Meanwhile, some are calling the end of the growth period for music streaming…

Roon hits 2.0, but there’s a problem (for self hosters)

Roon’s choice to require an Internet connection seems a brave one to me. Like Amazon they’re making a bet: it’s best to side with their music-first customers rather than their self-hosting-first. On the face of it, this sounds like a sound bet. We’ll see.

Logitech Media Server hits version 8.3.1

Note my link is incorrect… it should go here

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