Release 20220826

Cassette This release adds support for changing album art, even when the missing art rule is disabled. There are also some useful speed improvements for the Inbox and fixes for licencing.

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More album art improvements

A long term weakness of bliss has been that, if the missing album art rule was disabled, bliss would not change existing album art. The missing art rule defines the locations where art should be. Until now, if the rule was disabled and therefore no locations specified, bliss didn’t know where to store the artwork when it was changed.

We’ve now improved this, so that when art is changed we overwrite any existing artwork locations. For example, if you have a cover.jpg file in an album folder and embedded art, bliss will store the art in all the already-existing locations.

This means you don’t need the missing artwork rule to be enabled to change artwork.

In addition we’ve improved some of the messages displayed when artwork is too large to assess (we avoid assessing ultra large artwork in case it causes instability in bliss because of the memory requirements.)

Other improvements

We’ve also been working on:

  • Avoiding a problem when adding a renewal licence to an existing finite fixes licence.
  • We take care not to send duplicate metadata queries when showing multiple problems for the same album in the Inbox.

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

Photo by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash

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