This month in digital music libraries - August 2022

Newspaper This month, the importance of testing your backups, a lossless music acquisition system and more on streaming versus content control.

Streaming services and content control

Ever get the feeling the ground is shifting below your feet? Ceding control of content to a third party may mean the content gets changed.

… although at least there the content exists. What about the gaps in the library?

On backups

Why you need to test your backups - and keep testing them.

A lossless music acquisition system

Deezer allows lossless music download; by using deemix you can automate the download of these files and integrate them into your library.

The Rescue Barge

Looks like a major new project for the Internet Archive is to organise music obtained from the now defunct website.

I don’t really understand how the realities of copyright will intersect with this project, but these types of community initiatives are interesting just the same.

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