This month in digital music libraries - July 2022

Newspaper In this month’s edition: streaming growth, new music players and how music file management is changing in the latest Apple music app updates.

Streaming… the charts, growth, coverage and control

The medium is always going to influence the way we consume music. ‘Friction’ is an important concept - the cost imposed by making a change of some sort, whether that be choosing a new album, turning the record over, or whatever. Streaming services are intended to lower the friction… but is there a point that it becomes harmful?

Meanwhile, Apple Music reports subscriber losses (in the UK):

… and Spotify are adding users, but losses are growing:

But as a user, what if your tastes aren’t catered for by streaming services?

New music players

A new one for Linux users this month:

Also I love the idea of “Albums” - an album oriented player for iOS:

Music file management in recent Apple app updates

As discussed on the ever-interesting The Next Track podcast.

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