This month in digital music libraries - May 2022

Newspaper This month - a trip inside a songwriter’s mind, the death-of-the-iPod backlash and some interesting insights into how streaming’s playlist-oriented use is leading to some unexpected results.

Billy Joel… being honest

It’s good to see some honest, insightful journalism. In this interview from 2018, David Marchese doesn’t hold back to unearth why Joel simply gave up releasing new music.

iBroadcast out of beta

iBroadcast are an online music library storage service - what is sometimes called a “music locker”. I featured them in my earlier roundup of available services with the note that I didn’t believe they could go on offering so much for free. Well, they’re out of beta but they are still giving away an awful lot for free. Hope they can continue and provide some decent competition in the space!

The end of the iPod

One of the biggest talking points this month has been Apple’s rather oblique announcement of the discontinuing of the iPod.

A raft of memories hit Twitter. Some were very close to my heart (and interests!):

Some were quick (too quick IMO) to call time on personal music libraries:

And others took up the age-old debate about specialised devices versus general purpose devices:

Onkyo bankrupcy

Onkyo, formed just after the Second World War and a big name in hi-fi ever since, announced their bankrupcy.

New shiny tools

This month I discovered a couple of new tools.

First, another specialised audiobook server:

And in addition a tool for checking bitrot:


It seems that, almost overnight, streaming has lurched from “it’s going to conquer everything” to “NFLX is heading to 0”. Could increasing prices be encouraging a move back to piracy?

Elsewhere in the streaming world, an article about Spotify playlists has unearthed some SEO practices within the Spotify platform which means celebrated artists are being delisted in favour of “fake artists”. But is it just our lazy preference for ‘background listening’ or passive consumption that’s feeding this?

Don’t hate the player, hate the game…

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