This month in digital music libraries - March 2022

Newspaper This month we’ve seen yet more innovation on software music players. Also: thoughts on streaming, both regards its impact on piracy and also its impact on music collecting.

Niche music players

More new software music players this month - it seems that despite the dominance of streaming as the mainstream “listening point”, innovation still occurs on music players. Sometimes, like here with Doppler, the software is aimed at a type of music listener. In this case “people who buy music” (excuse the typo in my original Twitter post).

On a similar note, BlackPlayer looks pretty slick for Android:

Also, Plexamp got a new update:

Price didn’t beat the pirates, friction did

It’s an opinion I’ve long held: the early 00s peer-to-peer music sharing phenomenon did not merely occur because the music was free, it occurred because it was easy to access music too. It was a fore-runner of frictionless streaming.

But how much of an impact did those 00s days have? It’s clear on this chart of CD sales. Look at when CD sales started plunging - it’s way before streaming in the late 00s.

Collecting music and digital libraries

Some thoughts on an interesting article about how collecting music works in a digital sphere; the impact of streaming and how it changes your relationship with music.

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