Release 20220301

Light blur The performance work continues in this release with big improvements to tag caching. After this release there will be one more release (I think) of further performance improvements.

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Improvements to tag caching

The main improvement in this release is to “tag caching”.

In computing, the speed at which you can fetch some data depends on where that data is located.

bliss has to read your music files when it first scans them. It would be wasteful, however, to continually re-read them each time bliss needs to re-assess the tags. So instead, bliss does two things: (1) it keeps a more efficient index of what tags are stored where and (2) it keeps the tags in memory for faster retrieval.

Before, we weren’t being very efficient in how we stored the in-memory cache; this meant the cache was often quickly expired and we had to re-read from disk again. In the new version we improve this so that the tag cache should remain populated for some time.

This is particularly beneficial where reads from disc are slow. Examples of this are where the disc is network mounted or if the storage happens to be slow or under contention (this sometimes happens on NAS devices).

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

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