This month in digital music libraries - February 2022

Newspaper This month’s news in digital music was dominated by the fallout of Neil Young’s removal from Spotify. Across social media it led to many exploring alternative ways to access music, particularly those trying self-hosted or streaming their own, managed music collections.

In addition: new music players, bricked car stereos and the shutdown of AcousticBrainz.

Streaming services and their catalogue

The recent furore over Spotify’s removal of Neil Young’s music goes to show that there is a definite loss of control if you cede your music to streaming. It might be understandable if a service is not providing niche releases but… Neil Young?

Meanwhile, Ted Gioia struck another blow for deliberate consumption. Do you really want the content firehose streaming provides?

Streaming services and your catalogue

Meanwhile, other users of Apple Music continue to find support for owned-libraries continue to dwindle:

And Apple Music also came in for criticism from elsewhere:

New music players

When I review the past month I notice I’m often posting about new or interesting music players. This month is no exception.

Online only and for low distraction purposes, there’s ZENmix:

Cog is a macOS-only player with awesome format support:

And don’t forget you can still use Winamp… in your browser!

Unfortunate car stereos

So long as it doesn’t brick anything to do with actual driving… what next - hacker attacks over radio gaining control of your self driving car?

AcousticBrainz is shut down

I was surprised to read this announcement about the AcousticBrainz project. AcousticBrainz was an effort to record the musical characteristics of recordings - things like BPM, key etc. Other MetaBrainz projects such as MusicBrainz will continue.

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