This month in digital music libraries - December 2021

Newspaper Happy Christmas! This month’s roundup of self-stored music library news includes Synology DSM and Volumio updates, pointless influencer zaniness and library management in streaming services.

DSM 7.1 feature list

Synology have announced new features in the upcoming new version of the operating system for their NAS devices, DSM.

Volumio 3 released

The popular DIY music server just got a new release…

Influencer does zany thing for clicks

Turns out it is possible to spend $5,000 on a rPi NAS. How insightful.

Library management in streaming services

The fact is that most of the big-tech players are incentivised not to make it easy to manage self-stored/owned music libraries within their services. They’d much rather you rent instead. For those that want to store-your-own, I know a service that does that.

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