This month in digital music libraries - November 2021

Newspaper In this months edition: predictions for the future of music, enormous-but-slow backup media, Adele’s an album-gal and ludicrous patents.

Predictions for the future of music

An interesting piece on how the author predicts current trends in music will end up. This mostly concentrates on the music industry from the point of view of a participant, i.e. artists, record labels etc, rather than a consumer.

“5D” physical storage - densities 10,000x greater than Blu-Ray!

This is one of those “researchers have found…” stories that might not mean anything in the short term, especially given the speeds for this technology are so slow. However, it’s a reminder that no matter how advanced we think modern technology is, it will only get more capacious.

Adele sticks it to the playlisters.

I’m not sure if we should cheer Adele for sticking up for the album-listeners, or worry that this is another sign that streaming externalises control over your music listening…

Patenting abstract concepts

Should this even be patentable?

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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