Release 20211027

Trace We’ve improved some elements of file scanning in this release, and a minor although important fix to changing tag type.

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The first fix involved converting tag types. When adding an ID3v1 tag, if there was an empty genre field in any pre-existing ID3v2 tag, we would encounter an error before. This is now fixed, effectively by ignoring any empty genre field.

The next fix is an optimisation: we weren’t properly “weighing” the size of tags inside our cache of tags when it came to images inside FLAC files. This meant the size of the file inside memory was misreported and also meant the cache worked less efficiently. Now, we know better when to expire tags from the cache without over-using memory.

We’ve also fixed a rare bug where the file format for a music file isn’t correctly identified. We now handle and report this better.

Support for new @eaDir folders

Synology devices store @eaDir folders inside data volumes. These are metadata folders which store some information about the files within; improving performance. These have existed for a long time, but with the new DSM 7.x release, the structure of the folder has changed.

We now support this new structure, effectively ignoring the folders, which makes file scanning on Synology slightly faster.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

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