This month in digital music libraries - July 2021

Newspaper A bit late this month!

July might be the time we all head off on our holidays, but it doesn’t mean time stands still in digital music collecting, self-storage and self-hosting. In this edition: DSM gets an update on Synology devices, I bemoan the lack of simple online audio splitting tools, and Audiophile Style complete their first podcast season.

DSM 7 finally released

A big release for the operation system used on Synology NAS drives - DSM has hit version 7.

Since its release, we’ve updated bliss to make sure it runs on the new OS and we’ve also introduce a new Synology package repository. Check it out with our Synology installation instructions.

Splitting audio files

Turns out that there are few obvious ways of splitting audio files with purely-online tools. Along the way I learnt a bit about how CUE sheets are not very well documented.

Audiophile Style podcast completes Season 1

Chris Connaker of Audiophile Style seems to have gone from nought-to-sixty with his audiophile podcasts - maybe it’s a trick of time but it doesn’t seem that long ago he released his first episode!

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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