Release 20210304

Stethoscope This is a maintenance release with a bunch of stuff fixed and improved.

Perhaps most importantly for those with many MP4 files: before we were not correctly closing file handles after scanning an MP4 file. This led to problems on Linux platforms, where there were many 1000s of MP4 files. We make sure we close that now!

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UI improvements

  • Show spinner on rescan button on album detail page.
  • Show in-progress compliance when an album is being rescanned on the album detail page.
  • Make more descriptions appear in the fixed-list on the Inbox.
  • If the music library is not present, or present but empty after previously being scanned, show a help message to get it reconnected.

File scanning

  • Don’t leave file handles open on MP4 files after they’ve been scanned.
  • Clear and rescan should ignore problems in the old database before switching to the fresh one.

Improvements to rules

  • Allow the “Trimmed of whitespace” rule to be executed via fix-all and fix-album.
  • Better title for the group track fix for “Trimmed of whitespace”.
  • Canonical artist queries are cached.
  • Allow single embedded artwork rule to work automatically.
  • Make sure backups can be created for embedded art when the single embedded artwork rule is enabled.
  • Don’t overwrite extant art when filling in missing art.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

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