This month in digital music libraries - December 2020


This month’s round up for digital music collectors! This month: privacy and audio devices, a beautiful looking new album art-focused music player launches in Indiegogo, QNAP vulnerabilities and Apple Airpod Max headphones are launched.

Are your audio devices snooping on you?

Seems like every day brings some sort of new “is your X device snooping on you” kind-of-story, so it’s tempting to insert fingers-in-ears and whistle.

The trouble with being good little quiescent consumers, though, is that if we don’t push back, those that are snooping will continue doing so, and with no checks on this behaviour the invasiveness and degree of unrecognised data collection may just increase.

Sleevenote’s Indiegogo campaign continues

It’s great seeing these targeted, single use case devices be launched. Yes, Swiss Army Knife style OSes on your phone are all well and good, but that doesn’t necessarily derive the most immersive and musical experience.

QNAP vulnerabilities

QNAP warned of some signficant vulnerabilities in their NAS devices - keep up to date!

Apple enters the over-the-ears heaphone market

Audiophile price… audiophile quality? But note - Apple devices only.

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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