Release 20200721

Turn In this release we’ve made some further improvements to scanning. In addition we’ve fixed some bugs and added a useful new ability to the track number format and file organisation rules.


We’ve made a few more improvements to scanning. Since porting to a third party framework for file scanning and re-assessment we’re finding it easier to make new changes. In this build:

  • Only log the “maximum watches” message once per scan, if in listening mode on Linux.
  • Fix scan cancellation.
  • Make sure all albums get rescanned when changing settings.

Rule improvements

We’re now getting some time to improve rules again. The tag accuracy rule has a couple of improvements, plus we’ve added a couple of new features to track number format rules and file organisation.

For the tag accuracy rule, we now check the value in each field to ensure it is consistent with the other files (for those fields where it makes sense, i.e. not “track level” fields). In addition, we implemented a minor performance improvement to ensure if both the tag accuracy and missing tag fields were enabled for the same field, it wasn’t executed twice.

The track number format rule now supports “part of set” syntax. So, if you have a track number like 1/10, bliss now supports changing that to 01/10 if you have two digits set as your minimum track number length. Similarly, the “total” part of the number will be padded if, say, you have three digits set.

Finally, the file organisation rule’s <tag_field> token now supports being used within a conditional statement. For example:


Will include the value of the OWNER field if it is set.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

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