Release 20200526

Churning We had a number of reports of problems in the file scan since the past few releases; this release fixes those, plus includes a bunch of other improvements.

This release continues the work to port bliss’s scanning to a new, third party, framework. As we’ve been working on this, we have introduced a few problems here and there. In the last release, some users were seeing a lot of missing albums after a scan.

It turned out that the new code was “dropping” some of these albums. This new release fixes that.



  • We cope much better with folders with a lot of music files inside.
  • We now update the compliancy database with the new scanning code.

Other stuff

Outside of scanning improvements, there’s more:

  • Longer timeout when clicking “Fix” album to avoid long queries curtailing the execution of downstream fixes.
  • Don’t allow “delete duplicate” responses to be included in a fix-all batch, or in the grouped fixes on the album detail page.
  • Don’t continually re-open, and not close, the ui configuration file.
  • Close handles to directories when looking for cover art image files.
  • Don’t perform fingerprinting inside the database update thread.
  • Make the Inbox more efficient on startup when there are a lot of Activity records.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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