Release 20200506

??? This is another small release to keep momentum - again, while small, the fixes are important.

The key problems fixed in this release are:

  • The file watcher wasn’t being correctly started when the Listen for file changes checkbox was ticked, and applied.
  • The image format compliance filter wasn’t working.
  • When Delete and rescan album folders was clicked we were actually rescanning all folders!
  • When the file watcher notifies updated/deleted files, we now also cache information about the file which makes subsequent work faster.

Other stuff we’re working on

As the recent releases have been on the small side, I thought I’d update readers with what else we’re working on…

On the bliss side we’re continuing to improve scanning. There are a number of improvements in this area. A big onus is on removing legacy custom code, and using off-the-shelf frameworks for this stuff; it makes it easier for new developers to pick up the code, and it’s also more reliable and performant.

There are a number of functional bugs we want to fix as soon as possible, too - particularly around the missing/incorrect tag rules.

But what’s really taking a lot of time right now, and what is restricting time to work on the above, is a project which is a first step in bringing bliss into the Cloud era. Hopefully this should be launched this month!

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

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