Release 20190528 - album activity

Thumbnail of sequence of activity for one album

This new release includes some more UX improvements - chiefly communicating activity and fixes made specifically for an album, plus a bunch of other bug fixes and other improvements.

This release adds a useful new feature to the album page. Each album now has its own activity panel, detailing all previous work on an album, including previous assessments, fixes executed and changes made:

Activity for 13 by Blur

More stuff

Other improvements:

  • Support for SCA when paying by Stripe.
  • Don't split track level fixes on the albums page.
  • When adding a library and deleting the original, don't revert to a "blank slate" appearance.
  • Incide instructions inside the macOS DMG for running or installing.
  • Don't hang if files are removed from an untagged folder and the folder is refreshed.
  • Add a popover to "Fixed" to explain how it was fixed.
  • Don't show all fix all visible buttons for duplicates.
  • Fix the sometimes-blank activity page.
  • Fix Show tags not working on the Untagged page.
  • The tags view should show whitespace when not in editing more.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

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