Release 20180612 - Removing albums

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This week's new release improves the way bliss copes with missing tracks and albums. There are also a bunch of fixes to how bliss scans files and some other smaller improvements.

Removing albums

In this release we've included the ability to remove albums from bliss. This only removes bliss's memory of the album; it does not delete any files or folders.

On each album page, there're now two extra buttons:

Remove album

Remove removes the album from bliss's memory. If there are tracks in the album which do still exist, a subsequent manual rescan will recreate the album.

Remove and rescan album folders does the same thing, but then also rescans for music files in any album folders that still exist. So it's like removing the album and rescanning, but the rescan is more efficient because only the album folders are rescanned.

Finally, if files have been removed from the filesystem without bliss's knowledge, they'll be shown as such in the tracklist:

Missing files

In such an event, you may want to use the Remove album options.

More improvements

  • Fix deadlocks in the activity stream when updating settings.
  • Don't use memory mapped database files on Java 9/10 on Windows.
  • In the Inbox, "Fix all" buttons should have more representative titles and complete when clicked.
  • Don't ignore folders beginning "...".
  • On the file organisation page, show compliant file paths in green.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

Thanks to unsplash-logoYair Mejía for the image above.
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