Munich High End 2018

Tomorrow I'll be boarding a plane for Europe's biggest hi-fi exhibition - Munich High End.

This will be my fourth year at the show. It's pretty impressive in scale, taking up multiple halls of the exhibition centre in Munich - the MOC.

Much of it is audiophile-only stuff - cables, speakers, that sort of thing. This is less interesting to me; what is more interesting are music servers and storage. Anything where the question of how a music library is stored and managed becomes relevant!

Last year I noticed an increase in awareness of the issues of music library management, and what appeared to be an emergence of the idea of reselling music server "platforms".

It'll be interesting to see (and hear!) this year's new developments. Send me an email if you're there and want to meet for a chat!

Thanks to unsplash-logoNicole Harrington for the image above.
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