Release 20180424 - Duplicate detection

Duplicate detection

This release offers up the first iteration of the long asked-for duplicate removal feature. This initial step adds duplicate detection, with removal and further refinements to come in later releases.

There's also a bunch of important bug fixes...

Duplicate detection

We finally started work on the longest standing, highest ranking idea on our ideas forum - duplicate file removal. This release adds the ability to detect duplicates within an album, but not between albums, and it doesn't allow files to be deleted yet either.

This has been packaged inside something we're calling the "album integrity" group of rules.

Album integrity setting

The idea is that this grouping could include other new features:

So click the "Vote" button on those above ideas if you want to see them in bliss.

And, of course, use the ideas forum to post new ideas for how the duplicate track feature should develop! For now, the duplicate removal idea will remain "Started" until removal is completed, and then I'll mark it complete.

In addition...

  • Fixed a deadlock when rescanning and accessing the Tags or album detail page.
  • The DISCNUMBER column on the Untagged page is now larger and resizable.
  • The re-query button for Linked Releases now always shows it is working when clicked.
  • Allow multiple fields to be set at once in the album tags editor.
  • Fixed a bug when finding replacement genres for "blank synonyms" e.g. "Unknown".
  • Fix a failure to generate card tokens when charging credit cards using Stripe.
  • Make the "per page" count links respect the current per page count for each separate page.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

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