Release 20170717

This new release is predominantly a bug fixing, maintenance one. That's while I work on some scaling issues on our metadata server, and also take a couple of weeks off for a holiday!

One new patch of work I have started for this release is the "offical" Synology SPK. The SPK is now part of the build and will be automatically built with other versions, although it won't be published until fingerprinting and a few other items are fixed.

A useful new feature in this release is "Grouped fixes" for tracks:

Grouped track fixes

This makes it much faster to execute a bunch of track-level fixes at once without waiting for compliance re-assessment after each fix.

Other improvements

  • Fix auto-population of disc number.
  • Compilation message should be better when an album should be unmarked as a compilation.
  • Allow existing genres which are marked permitted by the genre consolidation rule, which are a sub genre of the genre provided by linked releases (phew!).
  • Re-query for metadata and tag correction after a change is made on an album.
  • Fix issue where tag correction mistakes track 1 for track 10.
  • Fixed Turkish localisation bug when deserialising NONCOMPLIANT enum.
  • Don't show a corruption error when installing the SPK.
  • Don't break the linked releases panel when unlinking a release.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

In app update will only work for release 20170307 and later. That's because of a fix in 20170307 following the changes introduced in 20170209 which I wrote about in my call for beta testers. Users on older versions should download the latest and install manually, and from then on in-app update should work again.

Thanks to Roberta Sorge for the image above.
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