Synology package update - an SPK for manual install

Since we updated bliss's architecture in February, a few things broke in the Synology package. While we wait for patters to fix these, I'm making available a manual-install SPK file which fixes all but one of the outstanding issues.

To install bliss on Synology using this SPK, follow these steps:

  1. Install Java, either Synology's standard package or patters' embedded version.
  2. Download the .spk:
  3. Install
  4. In DSM, enter Package Center.
  5. Remove any existing bliss installation.
  6. Enter Settings and on the General tab make sure Trust Level is set to Any publisher:
  7. Set Trust Level to Any Publisher
  8. Close the Settings tab, click Manual Install and provide the .spk file

Why am I making this available?

Up to now, bliss's Synology package was distributed from patters' own repository.

Since performing a complete refresh on bliss's architecture back in February, this version has... "had a few issues".

The package in patters' repository still basically works, but with a number of broken bits:

  • Audio fingerprinting
  • Version number detection
  • Cleaning up after uninstallation

This manual install SPK fixes all but the audio fingerprinting. I didn't want to use patters' work without his permission, so I left it out.

Hope this helps!

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